Designed For Inclusion

"From the beginning, Payper was purposefully designed to address the unique challenges of the developing world, so that in the future economy, no one will be left behind."
Kyle Ueckermann, Founder & CEO

Using Modern Technology To Bridge The Divide.

  1. Two way payments lets others request money from you. So, no matter your circumstance, you'll never be stranded.
  2. Facial recognition forms the basis of KYC, qualifying everyone to access digital money.
  3. Designed for integrations, Payper can be easily integrated into existing services such as messaging apps or USSD for even more ways to pay.

Services That Add Real Value To Your Life.

  1. Multilingual support means we speak your language. You'll feel comfortable dealing with money on Payper - it's in a language you understand.
  2. Shareable wallets make it possible to democratise access to money.
    Why not create your own stokvel?
  3. With growing support for value added services, you'll be able to purchase basic essentials, like mobile data, directly through Payper.

Safety First

Much like today's bank cards, Payper lets you set a secure pin code and use optional one time pins to secure access to your wallet and approve transactions.

Always Accessible

Payper allows two-way payments, so there is no need to carry cash. If you don't have a phone just ask another Payper user to securely request money from you.

Multiple Options

Payper is built to tokenise any tradeable asset. With one Payper wallet, you could manage your cash, loyalty points, or even investments, creating true freedom in access to value.

For You

Create a personal wallet in less than 30 seconds from any smart device.

For Business

Register a business wallet without any paperwork, because Payper just works.

Always Free.